Behind The Scenes

Here at Rene Ruiz Collection we do everything inhouse from picking our fabrics in Paris, France to designing collections at our boutiques.

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Collection Ideation

In the atelier - Our Creative Director Luis Escudero begins by putting together a mood board for the upcoming season. Luis & his team pull trends from fashion forcasting websites to create a color story.


The sketching process for a new collection can take hundreds of hours. Luis & his team have weekly design sprints where they come up with ideas for each style in the collection and then make dozens of iterations to each piece until it's perfect. The goal of each collection is to balance beauty, diversity, and comfort.

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Fabric Selection

Twice a year members of the design team travel to Paris, France and visit one of the worlds top fabric shows in the world. At the shows, they meet with fabric vendors from all over the globe and hand select the top fabrics.

Fit Specialization

We follow a tedious process when it comes to the fit of our garments. There are multiple corrections done on a fit model before being approved by our creative director. It can take up to three trials before the fit is just right.

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Photoshoot Process

The photoshoot process is bittersweet. It requires a ton of work to put together but it's also the first time that the team gets to see new collections come to life. We have about six photoshoots per year at a variety of locations around the world.